Self-supported bikepacking adventures on road less traveled

Bikepacking as a meditative experience

In a landscape where the scenery changes fast following the cadence of your breath and your legs, you start to experience that certain clear state of mind, looking at yourself and the events in your life from a distance. And feel calm.

picture showing a musicassette gipsycycle playlist

A music playlist to float on your bike

Some of my favourite music tracks to listen on my bicycle tours.

Bikepacking Patagonia through glaciers and volcanos

Try to feel the air of the “windy city” pressing against your face. Many of Chicago’s folklore traditional genres are tied to historical events, characters


Gasoline for your rides

Vitamins & minerals are often given minimum attention when it comes to exercising & getting engaged in sporting activities. If you don’t consider a well-rounded and sufficient nutrient intake, your efforts to reach peak performance may slowly start to disappear.

Wild wild Abruzzo.

400km by bike through the wild Abruzzo, a circular tour from the Majella to the Gran Sasso, through countries clinging to the rocks, among breathtaking landscapes, roasters and gentians.

Crazy Japan

A trip thru the astonishing country of Japan, among ultra modern cities and life style and ancient fascinating traditions. From Hiroshima to Tokyo, via fast trains.